How to Make A Tasty Treat


Pet treats are one of the easiest ways to enter the pet food market. It’s a wonderful way to test your audience, get a following and build relationships with retailers and suppliers to help you when you decide to launch a complete pet food range.

However, the question is, what is the secret formula to making a delicious pet treat? The main point to bear in mind is that dog food should encompass what treats a dog would find out in the wild, so,

CK Nutrition has listed a couple steps to follow:

1. Choose your protein source: Dogs love animal protein, so ensuring that the first ingredient on your list is an animal protein will definitely help to make your canine followers a fan of your treat. Don’t be afraid to combine fresh ingredients with meal ingredients, such as Chicken followed by chicken meal

2. Choose a few vegetables to complement the protein source: Many vegetables are available as ingredients and will add vitamins, antioxidants and delectable taste to your treat. Good examples of vegetables to include in a treat are carrts, peas, sweet potato, tomato pomace and green beans

3. Choose your oil: Adding oil or fat to your treat helps to keep a moist consistency and also enhances the aroma and taste. Try to match your oil with your protein source, duck meat with  Duck Fat. Fish oil is also an excellent oil to add to your treat as it provides Omega 3 fatty acids to help maintain a lovely shiny coat and supple joints

4. Round your treat off with some a couple small yet powerful ingredients such as blueberries, cranberries, seaweed, or apples. These small additions will help intensify flavor and give a powerful antioxidant boost.

For more information on developing treats or updating your existing range of treats, please contact CK Nutrition.